We provide integrated and for second development system platform and solution, for network protection like Lawful intercept, illegal information search and location.


ExProbe8580E is designed specifically for inline tools flow.

It is a 1/10/25/40/100GE Ethernet network packet broker, featuring high port density, inline link protection, diverse working modes, flexible deployment with high performance, and convenient management and maintenance. It is adaptable for various application environments. ExProbe8580E provides 4 inline 10GE ports, 44 1/10/25GE ports, and 8 100GE ports, which can be flexibly configured as data input or output ports.

The ExProbe8580E network packet broker can be connected to 2 inline 10GE links. The built-in optical link protector ensures network operation. The device distributes link data to 12 sets of tools, implements load balancing based on sessions, and seamlessly connects to network tools. ExProbe8580E can forward traffic to the passive analysis tool at the same time. It supports data marking on multiple ports, aggregation, filtering, copy to multiple output or load balancing output, as well as advanced processing functions such as packet de-duplication, masking, slicing, and decapsulation. The ExProbe8580E network packet broker integrates optical protectors, splitters, filtering analysis devices, and load balancers into one, providing convenient and efficient data access and collection solutions for network performance analysis tools, application analysis tools, and various other tools.